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Married guy sucks cops cock

added by tbig

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Channels: Blow jobs  Str8 guys  cum shots 
Tags: straight  bj  cum 
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  • married guy sucks a cops cock while his wife watches
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  • 30-08-2008
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Posted: by collisjer (2010-12-11 21:52)
the dude at the end looked like he was gonna cry -- awwww!
Posted: by elterible (2010-02-09 16:23)
the sucker didt look too happy towards the end. the wife looked amazed though. hahaha
Posted: by emmws (2009-12-17 09:22)
Pretty boring blow job. love to get a try at him...hot bod, cock and balls on the top....
Posted: by mark717 (2009-11-16 06:41)
its pretty unfair for ethan though cause theres no reciprocity
Posted: by nickier (2009-07-05 22:43)
Two hot guys. That cop treats the other guy like his bitch while his wife watches. Fucking hot!
Posted: by dvilking (2009-04-22 19:40)
yea... ethan from allamerican heroes... ive watched all his movies x)
Posted: by RonP (2009-04-10 03:19)
This, I think, was the end of Ethan at "All-American Heroes", the source for this video. Before this encounter with Jake, Ethan was either solo artist or "session stud" (the guy who gets "done"). Here, he finds himself with a man who expects to be done without reciprocation. Ethan has "helped" guys in other sessions with a handjob or orally but only because the other guys made the first move. Here, Jake doesn't make a move. Ethan's pretty shaken by the end (witness that footage of Ethan out on that balcony after this session in which he looked pretty upset). In that cum shot, that's Ethan's wife in the background shot. I can't help but wonder how often he's thought about this particular encounter where he met a dick twice as thick as his own from a guy totally disinterested in him as anything other than a mouth to fuck. And I always WISH IT HAD BEEN ME! Jake wouldn't know what hit him! (And he would never have had that smirk on his face because he'd have realized I was using him better than he'd been used before). I think it's interesting that Ethan does a damned fine job sucking Jake's cock. He even tolerates Jake's "face fuck" with ease. (I'd love to gargle Jake's nuts!
Posted: by tufftopNYC (2009-02-05 18:33)
Two hot sweet guys. It's fun watching one looking hungrily at the other's cock. He's almost ready to get fucked. I'd like to fuck the cop. A too slow start, but worth the wait. Next time get their pants off sooner.

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