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homeboys raw fucking

added by danewbreed

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Channels: Blacks  Bareback 
Tags: bareback 
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  • homeboys raw fucking on cam
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  • 03-01-2010
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Posted: by curious09 (2011-02-06 05:13)
WTF????................somebody should set yall monkey looking asses on fire for putting dis shit up hea!!!!!!!!
Posted: by DICKTOP88 (2010-08-23 18:06)
these two deserved to be shot!!!
Posted: by pinsky2008 (2010-01-15 05:54)
I don't suck toes, but I think I'd rather suck a toe than someone's shit hole. Men, think about it. That's where SHIT comes from. Would you eat shit? NASTY and dangerous. Put a condom to protect your dick, but what's protecting your tongue and all that soft mucous membrane in your mouth from catching SHIT or some STD or the HIV virus?
Posted: by buildingbridges2009 (2010-01-12 21:04)
Check ~10:10. He doesn't take the condom off.
Posted: by njiiri (2010-01-08 12:59)
I thought raw meant NO CONDOM! what a waste
Posted: by bwillie (2010-01-05 16:38)
This shit looks like it was both of there 1st times!!!!
Posted: by King_Kryptonite (2010-01-05 06:25)
man this was wack.
Posted: by sexymama (2010-01-05 03:34)
wat the fuck!!!!! toe sucking? thats just nasty lol
Posted: by fukmegudndruff (2010-01-05 03:24)
what the fuck? streetlife.com oughta be shot fa dis foolishness.. shit was a bad look for real... neither one of dem niggaz was cute... put some more jovonnie/citiboy shit on here real talk..
Posted: by teryaki09 (2010-01-04 18:07)
horrible vid. wtf. a niggaz toes are not meant be be sucked. bttm dudde waas cute. and top dude couldnt even get hard nor find niggaz hole. this shit is a bad look for blk. lol real talk

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