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  • A very nice looking guy with a big dick gets blown and tossed till he comes
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  • 28-09-2008

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Posted: by jesdlcruz (2014-04-16 02:49)
would have been nice if his ass was licked or played with and an actual blowjob was done
Posted: by abocante (2012-08-10 00:30)
the worst cameraman ever, WTF!!!!
Posted: by bjbillnj (2011-11-29 22:36)
Maybe the hottie did get a blowjob from from this guy. Maybe it's a new version of a blowjob....a braille blowjob...LOL!!! If the seeing-impaired population uses their fingers to read, who's to say this guy gives a blowjob with his hands instead of his mouth. I'm just sayin' !!!!!!
Posted: by kenneth01 (2011-09-11 07:17)
somewhere along the road of this video, I seemed to miss the getting blown part. SAD
Posted: by polski (2011-04-15 00:47)
Not a blowjob!!!
Posted: by rob22mp (2010-12-29 02:38)
He is really HOT.
Posted: by rob22mp (2010-12-29 02:38)
He is really HOT.
Posted: by kenneth01 (2010-12-19 10:28)
Funny maybe its just me, but I always thought a blowjob was getting sucked off with a hot wet mouth doing its thing over a nice stiff cock, sorry didn't see that here, maye its false advertizing. lol.
Posted: by batchtard (2010-02-09 20:24)
what site is this from?? its awesome
Posted: by freemeng (2010-01-05 13:52)
Very hot guy - BUT - its a handjob not a blowjob

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