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I can't upload a video
New members cannot uplaod a video until 48hrs after they have signed up
The site loads slowly
Internet explorer is slow regardless of your interent connection. Try Mozilla FireFox browser, believe us it is really fast on Itsallgay.
I can not see any videos - All I get is a black screen.
Try This- This site uses the free Adobe flash player. To ensure that you have this player installed click HERE to go to the Adobe website and check your version of the player.
The flash player is installed on my computer and I still see nothing !
Try This- Sometimes when we upgrade this site we may make changes to the flash player.
- Your computer may still be trying to load the older version. To fix this click HERE to go to the official Adobe website.
- Look in the box that opens on that page and look in the Visited Websites box.
- Select any settings that you see for and/or and click Delete Website.
- Close any open browser windows and re-open our website. You should now see the new player and view videos.
Done that and still nothing !
Try This - After trying the above, It is still possible that your browser is still loading the old player that is stored on your own computer. In your browser window, Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Temporary Internet Files. Close any open browser windows and re-open our website. You should now see the new player and view videos.
More Solutions.
Are you waiting long enough for the videos to open ? Larger videos make take quite a few seconds (20 to 30 seconds for big movies) before they start to load.
Tip - After the movie has played once, Click "Replay" at the end of the clip to watch it again, This will be faster.
Try using a different browser. Opera or FireFox
Cancelling your subscription or membership
Please email the following details so we can cancel your subscription

1) Name on credit card

2) Transaction ID

3) Username and email address

We can then cancel your subscription straight way.

Or send copy of your email receipt.

Or click on the following link (you need to be logged in) Cancel Recurring Membership